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    Acrobat Reader DC (free) cannot open file with length in name more than 255 symbols

    IliaEresnov Level 1


      We have a lot of Acrobat DC (free) in our company. And our users make very long name directories at network drive, for example like this:

      "Z:\4444\NamePro 16\Документы для подачи в экспертизу электронно\111 Дополнительные документы по замечаниям приемки на экспертизу\Замечания по комплектности от экспертизы 05.10.2016\2 замечание от 05.10.2016".

      If we put into this directory file named like "Technical specification (length more than 45 sym).pdf" (jointly more than 255 symbols in name) Acrobat Reader DC (2015.017.20053) cannot open this file with reporting:  "An error occurred while opening this document. Access denied." If we reduce name of this file - it's opening well.



      Firstly, any jpg or txt files (with same length - more than 255 symbols) can be opened without any troubles in this folder at the same time.

      Secondly, any kind of Pro version (I testes Acrobat Pro 7 & 8) can open "long-named" files well.

      Thirdly, Acrobat Reader XI 11.0.0 or 11.0.08 can open "long-named" files well.



      Can anybody help us and solve this problem with Acrobat Reader DC?

      Or can you highlight the paragraph in Acrobat Reader EULA where it indicates maximum length of a file?