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    Eye dropper tool in cs5.5


      Hi guys!


      I searched around and saw that the eye dropper isn't picking proper colors in Adobe Animate. I used to have this problem when I used it as well. More recently I've been working in cs5.5 and the dropper isn't working there either.


      In my case, it won't pick the color unless I am actually using the eye dropper tool itself (not color picking from the paint bucket or pencil tool color boxes). And it will only select wet vector art or imported PSD files if I am not inside another symbol at the time, so I have to keep jumping in and out of symbols to color select things. I also can't figure out color selecting the gradient fills from my PSD artwork since I can't use the color selector boxes there either. I could workaround but it's a huge speedbump to my workflow.


      I haven't seen that there is a fix for this yet, from searching the forums.


      I'm on a mac running OS El Capitan 10.11.4

      Flash cs5.5 version


      Any insights? Did I just overlook it?

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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using dual monitors? If so that's one of the problems. If not, if you're using a Cintiq make the Cintiq the primary display. If neither of those are present, then unfortunately there is no fix for this issue. It was fixed in subsequent releases so if you don't want the trouble you'll have to update to CS6 and honestly even that release had issues with it. the latest version of CC works correctly. Probably not the answer you're looking for but they've had a tough time nailing down this issue and only recently squashed it.