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    Is it possible to match White Balance in a batch to a certain photo?

    SmintySmintington Level 1

      Hi there.


      I have a large batch of photos with slightly varying white balance from shot-to-shot. I want to use these photos in a time-lapse sequence, so need the exposures and white balance to be consistent from shot-to-shot.


      I understand that I can use Settings > Match Total Exposures to batch edit a group of photos to match the exposure of the select photo --but this does not seem to affect the white balance of the photos.


      I also understand that I can Sync my adjustments to White Balance (as long as I switch to Custom WB).....  But this is not want I want really, I just want to be able to select a group of photos and have Lightroom sync the white balance so they all look the same as a selected photo --just as it does for exposure with the 'Match Total Exposures' function...


      Is this possible? Any help greatly appreciated. To make things even more difficult for me I'm moderately red-green colour blind!