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    Using script to create calculable fields for EPUB?

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      I've created an interactive PDF in ID. Once exported to Interactive PDF, I have used Acrobat PRO DC to make a moderately complex, interactive form on one of the exported PDF's pages. This form is essentially an algorithm that calculates the combined result from three separate dropdown lists and a dozen or so input [number] fields. In Acrobat DC, I use Forms, Custom Calculation from Properties > Calculate to add the necessary functionality to each respective form field. Everything works great.


      My question: Can I do the same thing in inDesign CC 2014 and publish directly to EPUB? I've searched forums and it does seem that I can add some functionality to text input fields. The goal is to have interactive functionality for fields in an EPUB-published PDF. Thus far, the only functionality I see in EPUB PDFs is navigation and animation.


      It seems that, at this point, I am resigned to creating a flat PDF canvas in ID, and then subsequently adding form fields with Acrobat for use in an Interactive PDF (for this post, iPDF). Such an iPDF form is only usable on a mobile device if User understands the necessity of opening the iPDF in an Acrobat [or other] PDF reader. It will not work when opened with whatever default mobile browser (this limitation also applies to other nav functionality of an iPDF). A published iPDF using Adobe's EPUB service, however, does open iPDF's in a default mobile browser with full navigation functionality. I would like to include functional, calculable fields in that EPUB iPDF, too.


      Is this possible? If so, would you point me to a tutorial that explains adding script to an input form field in ID?