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    Modular layout of catalog items


      I need to make a booklet of approximately 20 sponsors of an event.  Each sponsor listing includes a title (name of the sponsor), a text description, and an image (logo).  These sponsors need to be alphabetically arranged.  Some of these sponsors take up a whole page (the booklet dimensions are small) and some of them take up only part of a page so that some pages have two sponsors on them.  It is easy enough to lay out in indesign, but when a new sponsor is added, I have to insert it into the correct place by alphabetical order and then go though the arduous task of shuffling the rest of the sponsors after it to new pages.  The challenge is compounded if it is a partial page-sized listing - the rest of the document must be completely shuffled to re-order sponsors together on new pages, etc.


      Is there a way to set up a template with indesign such that you define items as text, image and title and then add content to all the items, then indesign shuffles these for you if you insert a new one?