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    Handling DataCollection events

    denisputnam Level 1
      Can someone provide me with an example addEventListener() call to capture the following events. Please forgive the CDB DAOException post. I am trying to avoid paying the 750 for the support but it does involve the mx.messaging events. Any help would be creately appreciated.

      I tried this, but it doesn't work:

      this.addEventListener( mx.messaging.events.MessageFaultEvent.FAULT , onDAOFault );

      2/28/2009 15:47:12.024 [ERROR] mx.messaging.Producer 'DDCB7769-9246-0A9B-9DF5-BE9EB708F3C1' producer fault for 'DCC90079-666D-A66C-3157-BEA112253B3F'.
      2/28/2009 15:47:12.028 [ERROR] com.farata.collections.DataCollection FAULT:com.farata.daoflex.DAOException : Duplicate entry 'user' for key 'user_tbl_uidx' calling destination com.moveit.User

      The DAOException is the one I really want.