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    InDesign 2015.4 Constantly crashing randomly while open


      Ever since I updated InDesign to the 2015.4 x64 Build version, it is constantly crashing when it's open. It seems to be random when it crashes. I would be working on a file doing any basic actions, editing text, etc. and it would crash. It has even crashed when no file was open, where no activity was occuring or being executed. InDesign is also very slow. I have had no problems with the previous version of InDesign.


      I have saved 5 the dump files when it crashed, so please let me know who to share it to. For now I will be downgrading back to the previous version of InDesign 2015.


      My coworker also updated to 2015.4 x64 Build version and is having no problems with it, which makes me think that it is my computer exclusively. I have tried clearing the Temp files under AppData, but I have not tried clearing my preferences. I have a feeling this isn't the solution since I didn't have problems previously.