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    Zoom Out


      Hello. I am a beginner and am having a couple issues. At the beginning of my scene, I am attempting to start with a zoomed in shot of my which then pans out to reveal the whole scene. I've figured out how to do it, however, I am having to convert the whole scene to a symbol which makes it impossible to then edit individual symbols throughout my animation. Is there a way to fix this or a different way to perform my zoom which will allow me to edit the symbols within? Another problem I'm having is trying to make my dog's tail wag mid scene. I figured out how to do it using the bone tool, however, I cannot use the tool mid tween and since it's mid scene I already have started the tween. Is there another way to perform the "tail wag" effect or is there a way to use the bone tool mid scene? Thank you and I hope this makes sense.