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    Stroke weight changing in CC Library graphic


      I have a CC library asset consisting of a line with a dotted stroke, a few text frames, shapes, and an empty rectangle frame. Whenever the asset was created, all items were clustered toward the bottom of the page. (It's a short article layout for use in a magazine.) See here:

      original asset.png


      Whenever I edit the asset (by double-clicking it in the CC Libraries panel), it moves the items to the center of the page, and a little to the left. (This is problematic for trying to place the asset in the same location as its original page by holding down Opt when placing!)

      asset being edited.png

      Also, whenever I go back to my main document, and place the asset after it's been edited (see below, the only edit I made was removing the period at the end of the middle column), the dotted stroke's weight is placed as 5 pt whereas it should be 1 pt. (I'm not changing the stroke weight when editing the asset!)

      placed asset after editing.png

      Is this just a bug? Any ideas? Thanks!