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    Does anybody have a good workflow for iPhone Live Photos?


      For trips, I usually bring my 60D with a 24 or 40 mm lens, and use my iPhone as a pocket camera (its not ideal to have an SLR on your shoulder when scrambling on rock).

      What I used to do is 1. Export all of the photographs from Photos, where they automatically congregate. 2. Put them in Lightroom with my SLR photos 3. Sort through them all, pick the good ones, edit, etc. 4. Export full quality JPEGS of the ones I want, and put them back in photos.

      Basically, my Photos library acts as an inbox, and finally as a place to hold my favorite photos to show them off Lightroom is where I archive everything, and do most of my editing.

      The problem is that I really do like Live Photos. Storing them isn't a problem - I just import with the "Separate JPEGs" setting on, and make a separate collection for the .mov files. What I want is a way to make them play nice with edited photos.

      Right now, I'm thinking the best way is probably to just edit those photos with worthwhile "live" components in the fairly robust Photos app, but this seems a little bit clunky.

      I have observed that if you import the .jpg/.mov pair into the Photos application, they will behave properly even after Lightroom has copied the photos, is there a Lightroom plugin which will allow Lightroom to export with whatever flag is set to allow Photos to read them this way? I think a processed black and white photo jumping into life in color would be a pretty cool effect.

      I know its a weird question, but I figured I'd see if anybody had found anything that worked for them.