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    playback problems with powerful workstation in proxy workflow


      Hi there,


      2 months ago we have bought a new workstation. You can find the specs at the bottom of my post.

      Because we shoot a lot in 4K, we have desided to start a proxy workflow in our current project. We have set up a CineForm 576p Ingest Preset File.


      The whole workflow works great, except the playback of the files. We don`t use fancy effects for now. The response is extremely poor and we have frame drops all the time.

      I would be very pleased, if you could write me any ideas what the problem could be.






      Our System:

      HP Workstation Z840
      Windows 10, 64-bit

      2 x Intel XEON E-2630 v4 @2.20 GHz, 20 Cores
      128 GB RAM

      1 TB SSD System Drive
      GeForce GTX1080, driver Version 373.06, Mercury Playback Enabled


      the system is connected via 10 GBit Ethernet to our fast 48 TB RAID.


      Premiere Pro CC 2015.4