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    Lightroom, Box.com, Box Sync and Collaborative Photo Libraries Setup Help

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      I've asked this question to the Box.com community, but nothing helpful is shaking from that side. So I thought I'd throw this to the Adobe community.

      I am using an unlimtted storage Box.com Enterprise account to manage my business files. The business' Box.com folder is shared with multiple users, all whom use Box Sync on macs to access and use the folder tree (This works very similar to Dropbox mac application). These users sync a parent folder for the business, and thus every other subfolder below the parent.


      One of these sub folders is called "Photo Library". I am attempting to find a solution to maintain a Lightroom Library System (Master Photo Files (a folder in itself), catalogue file and preview data file) in our Box.com system. Why I want to use Lightroom: it allows us to organise the library (which will become huge) using a keyword tagging system, as well as allowing multiplve edit versions on single images.


      I have successfully created, in the Photo Library folder, a Lightroom catalogue and data file, as well as the master image library. Because there are only a few images in this library the file size of the Photo Library folder is relatively small. This means that all the macs using Box sync to sync this folder can do so successfully. I have successfully tested the use of the Lightroom catalogue file in connection to the Master Photo Library folder. I can open the catalogue, make edits, close it, and then after a period of syncing, see the edits and images on another synced computer. So the basic concept seems to work fine. Attached is a screenshot of what this folder looks like (we use "locking" to ensure two people do not open the catalogue file at the same time.)


      Lightroom Folder Structure










      While this works with a small file size image library, I am concerned about what happens when this system scales up. For example, we may be adding 1TB of photographs to the Master Photo Library folder each year. If we continue to use box sync on this folder, that will attempt to push down way too much data onto user's computers. Year on year, this problem is compounded.


      So my question: How can I use Box.com to Collaborate on a shared photo library, using Lightroom, while not requiring box sync to pull down all images in the Master Image Library?

      If this is simply impossible to do, what other collaborative photo library options are there out there that maintain a keyword search and organisation function?


      Thanks teams!

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Here are are some ideas:


          You can use "Selective Sync" (or whatever it is called in Box) to prevent the 1Tb of photos from being synced to the users' computer(s).


          Instead of syncing the actual photos, enable "Smart Previews" and sync the smart previews to each computer. This will allow viewing and even editing while keeping the size much smaller.


          You'll need to make sure that two users never have LR open at the same time. If they do, you'll get conflicted copies on each user's computer, and you'll have a tough time trying to reconcile the different edits. LR is NOT made for multi-user environments.