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    Allocating InDesign more RAM? (PC)


      So i have a Windows 10 PC running InDesign CC (latest version at time of post).
      Im working on a catalog with roughly 2500 products.
      I have data merged all the data to automate 6 size variants so i can drag an drop into a master layout.


      It has been running stupidly slow while the rest of my machine still runs like a beast.
      I've set Images to Low Quality, turned off preflight and even split the templates I've made down to smaller files.
      Still I'm getting between 5-30secs load time between documents.

      I have a Skylake Core i7 4.0Ghz
      32GB of DDR4 Ram
      GTX980 GFX Card
      Also the documents are stored on SSD while images are on HDD


      Basically looking at my activity manager Indesign peaks using 2gb of ram and won't use anymore.
      Is there anyway to allocate it more RAM? This should speed it up right? as the issue is switching Documents.