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    Mobile Layout Not Showing on Mobile, Mobile Navigation


      I have created a few sites using Adobe Muse. I have created these sites using the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile layouts to avoid any problems with responsive design (I'm still learning). I have noticed that on a certain mobile browser, namely CM browser on Android, my sites always point to to the Desktop version. To view the site correctly I have to manually type in the mobile URL.


      If I test the mobile site using Firefox/Chrome on mobile it works just fine. I'm assuming CM browser has something in place that is either not detecting there is a mobile version of the site or blocking something coming from the site. Is there a way to force mobile view on mobile devices? I'm concerned there are other mobile browsers out there that are not compatible with Adobe Muse.


      I have been searching but can't find a decent solution to mobile navigation, at least nothing that it native to Adobe Muse. Are there plans to add a dedicated mobile navigation widget to Muse or are we forced to create simple drop down menus within menus? It just seems very messy and no matter what I do I can't seem to make anything as functional or as slick as I have seen on other mobile websites. Am I missing something or is this an area that has been sorely neglected?


      I'm a big fan of the product and it's made my foray into web design a lot easier. I would love to have a solution to both these problems and I'll be one happy camper.


      Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.