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    Error when converting PDF to Word


      I am trying to convert a PDf Document into word, I use to be able to do it with no trouble but now every time i try it comes up with an error . " An Error Occurred while trying to access the service" I can not seem to get any help. I am running windows 10 if this helps and i have paid my Subscriptions. Any Suggestions.

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          girijaAgarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi Shanyn Pedersen,


          Please let us know the following information:


          A)How to you export from PDF to Word?


               1>Are you using Adobe Acrobat (and if so, which version)?


               2>Are you using the ExportPDF service?

               If you are using ExportPDF, are you using the free Adobe Reader to start the conversion, or are you uploading the file directly to the      ExportPDF web service?


          B) Are you facing the issue with a particular file or it happens with any kind of file you are trying to export?

          Please send us the file if the issue is specific to that file.


          Thanks and Regards,


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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            If you are starting the conversion process from within the free Adobe Reader, you may want to try to upload your PDF file to the ExportPDF service directly via your web browser: https://cloud.acrobat.com/exportpdf


            Based on my experience, the interface built into Adobe Reader is not very robust, and using the web interface directly is a lot more reliable.