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    Music score greyed out


      I just successfully installed Adobe premiere elements 15 on Windows.  I've been using lightworks, but decided to upgrade to elements so I would have access to more templates and audio etc.


      I'm trying to add music to my project but both music score and sound effects are greyed out.  The documentation says I should see audio that I can choose to download, but I don't see anything, just greyed out no files to choose from.  I have a limited internet connection - does this mean I have no access to the templates and stock music that I got elements for in the first place?  I only have a pan and zoom template to choose from with instant movie, are there more?


      Many thanks for any answers


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I think you are going to have to get to an internet connection with enough strength to download them all.  If I remember right, you right click on any one of them and there is an option to download them all at once.  I think the same is true for the effects, transitions and other tools. 



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            I too have this problem.  Music Score and Sound Effects are grayed out in Premiere Elements 15. Neither is clickable.
            I installed APE 15 a few days ago and have used it for a few hours. I have a fast broadband internet connection.



            Any suggestions are appreciated.