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    Unable to over-ride master page element . . .


      Could anyone shed some light on a problem we're getting with double page spread master elements in the latest version of InDesign please.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 10.55.06.png


      I've set up a double page master spread, 3mm bleed all round on the spread with the element/image box for each page butting-up to the spine.


      All good when I drag the master into the document, everything works perfectly.


      The problem arises when I make any amends to the spread or I need to apply a different master to the spread than the one originally used.


      When I apply the new master spread, it's impossible to delete the element/image box which was applied originally unless I move the box away from the spine in the centre.  Once I do that, the original box disappears!!!


      We've been tearing our hair out to try and get round this but can't seem to find out why this happens.


      Hopefully I've explained it clearly, but can anyone shed any light on this or is it an InDesign glitch?