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    ItemRenderer Running multiple times?

      Hi hope someone can shed some light on this as Im having a few problems getting to grips with itemrenderers.

      Ive been reading a few tutorials and books and Ive got it working but it seems to be running extra times.

      I have created an application that has an array with three rows and two pieces of data in each row then used this as a dataprovider for a datagrid, everything shows fine.

      I then added an item renderer using a custom component, this also works and converts my unix timestamp into a readable date and I can see this in the datagrid. The problem is that there are three rows in the datagrid but when I put a trace at the end of my itemrenderer component I can see it runs four times not three, it then runs a fifth time if I click the sort heading.

      Then after that if I click the heading to sort the column my three displayed dates all randomly seem to swap between the five that have been created. I have attached the code for people to take a look at, the top is my application and the below is my itemrenderer.