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    New PC(i7 K6900, Gtx 1080) but Premiere not works faster


      Hello, guys! Originally I build a new PC to edit 4k footages but Premiere kept crashing and lag during editing.

      I know 4K footage is a monster, but 1080p footages(codec h264, .mp4) have the same issue: frozen frame, audio lag, work panel idle, etc.


      New PC spec:

      i7 K6900

      Gtx 1080 EVGA

      64GB Ram

      476GB NVMe INTEL (for Project)

      238GB PLEXTOR PX-256M6Pro (for Cache file)


      I've tried may ways of making it work faster, like lower the preview resolution, reduce video effects.

      But still, encounter many bad experiences.


      Compared to my old PC(Xeon e3 1230 v2, Gtx 680, edit on SSD),

      I just felt a bit slow when the project had lots of loaded footages, I still have smooth editing experience!


      Does anyone have the same setback like me?


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