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    Stuck in email validation loop


      I have a question about how to fix a problem around an invalid email (Adobe ID).


      About 10 days ago I installed the Draw application on my IPAD.  The app asked a few questions Email address, password....

      I must have mistyped one character in the email address.  But at that time the app said nothing and I did not notice anything.


      I went on over the next week or so to create 6 different drawings.


      Two days ago I upgraded to IOS 10.

      And since that time the app would periodically say you need to validate your email.  I would hit the validate button and the app would get an internal error.

      I could close that window and it would allow me to continue drawing.


      Finally I decided I would sign out and sign back in to hopefully fix the issue.  I still had no idea that the email address had a typo.

      It was when I tried to log back in that I noticed the default email address in the log in screen had the typo.  If I tried logging in using the bad email it would let me in only enough for it to say that I needed to validate my email.  I could not because it is invalid.


      I actually tried logging in using my valid email address and password and it let's me in (don't know why I don't remember creating two different Adobe IDs) however none of my drawing are in there.


      So the drawings are on my IPAD but under an account for which I can't log into Adobe Draw without validating the email which is not possible.

      I can log in using my valid email address but can't access my drawings.  I spent way too much time creating those drawings to give up without trying to fix this.


      Does anyone have any clues on how I might fix this?

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          It seems to me that while signing in to the Draw app for the first time when you mistyped the email address, you actually had signed up with a new email (which was incorrect) and therefore the app never prompted you anything.


          Now I can help you get rid of the wrong email from your app and then you can sign in using your correct Adobe ID, but in case you have any work saved over the cloud with the wrong email address that we will not be able to recover.


          Try to uninstall the application and restart your device, clear the cache and then reinstall the app.


          Also try to login to URL: assets.adobe.com with the incorrect email you used on the device. It might help you recover the work but only if it signs you in (which I am not sure if it will!).


          Let me know if the uninstall and reinstall of the app on the device helps!




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            johnp33739908 Level 1



            Thank you for the response.  Unfortunately I was not able to log in using the URL:assets.adobe.com with my invalid email.  It once again says that I have to validate the email.


            I have not uninstalled and reinstalled yet as I am quite sure that it would remove those 6 drawings.

            I am not quite ready to admit defeat even though it sounds like I may be out of luck.

            It does make me very sad to hear that my drawings are not recoverable.  Especially since I know they are on my machine right now.


            I guess I have one more question in regards to those 6 drawings.  I had sent them in an email to myself and as such they were sent as PNG files.  Is there a way to import a PNG file into a drawing layer?  When I logged into Draw using my valid email I was able to load one of those but only as an Image layer so it is not editable.  I need to continue to edit those drawings so importing as an image does not help me much.


            If I could import them into my valid session in the drawing layer then I would be good to go.  I suspect the answer is no but I thought I would ask.  It appears to be my last hope.


            I have a good 12 hours of work on those drawings and would try anything to recover them.




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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi John.


              I'm going to let Sheena help you with the email verification/log-in issue (if I'm not mistaken there is a way to join accounts) but please don't uninstall the app. You could very well lose your work (because there is no way right now for you to verify that it has synced to Creative Cloud).



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                Can you email me through the in-app feedback in Draw (tap the Draw icon then Give Us Feedback) or direct message me on the forums?



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                  johnp33739908 Level 1

                  Sue and Sheena,


                  Thank you very much for helping me out.  I had a thought on how I might fix this.


                  I thought if I could actually create a new email account with that misspelled email address than it could become valid.

                  My only concern was will Time Warner Cable still have that new email ID available?  It turns out that email address was available and so I created the email account with that misspelled name and then tried to get back into Adobe Draw with that ID.


                  IT WORKED!!   I was then able to validate the email address and log into my account and see and edit my 6 drawings.


                  So I am good to go.  Thank so much for trying to help me out.



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                    Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                    I am so glad that it could work!


                    Great attempt John!

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                      I'm super glad. I was working on a way to try to pull your art out of that account but I wasn't entirely sure it would work.


                      If you want to move your native Draw files to the account with your REAL email address, let me know and I can give you the steps to do that.



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                        johnp33739908 Level 1



                        That would be awesome!  I would really like to get those drawings into my real account.

                        Please let me know what I need to do.




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                          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                          Hi John.


                          Sounds convoluted in writing, but it's pretty easy. Here's how:

                          Sign in to https://assets.adobe.com/ with your OLD (where your work is) Adobe ID.

                          Navigate to Assets/Files/Mobile Creations/Draw and select the project to share

                          Click on Share/Send Link, then the button Create Public Link

                          Copy that link and, using a different browser (so you can stay logged in with both IDs), sign into with your NEW (where you want to transfer the work) CC account to open that link. When it opens click the Save to Creative Cloud link in the upper right hand of the screen. This will save the project to your NEW account.


                          It's going to take a minute or two for it to sync on the web and your device, so keep the app open until you see it in your NEW account.


                          Let me know if you have any trouble.