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    Every time InDesign crashes, all preferences reset to default

    FredriksonB Level 1

      InDesign crashes about once a week when doing random work and when it does, it completely erases all of my preferences. Here are some details.


      Working from the latest version of InDesign CC

      PC, Windows 7

      16GB Ram

      Intel Xeon 2.4GHz

      Working off of files from a secure internal network


      I've also found a bug that causes InDesign to consistently crash for me.

      If I have a document open and try closing it without saving, InDesign will prompt me to save. If I click Save it will always crash.


      For solutions, I've uninstalled InDesign, tried other files, worked off the desktop and reset preferences. Nothing seems to help.


      I've tried talking with Adobe and sending them crash logs, along with having them screen share with me but nothing has come of it. Any suggestions? This is quite frustrating and has been going on for months now. Thank you.