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    IOError: file or folder does not exist




      I edit my photos in Lightroom and, when needed, I finish the edition in Photoshop. In many of the cases, to digital blend different exposures. It used to work properly, but, for some time, it fails.


      What I do is: I edit the photos in Lightroom, select 2 or 3 photos, right-click, choose "Edit In + Open as Layers in Photoshop" and, then, finish the work in Photoshop.


      Now, when I do this, Photoshop opens with the error window: "IOError: File or folder does not exist" (as it shows in the image attached).


      If I do this with 1 image, it works fine.


      How can I fix this?


      Captura de ecrã 2016-10-13, às 11.51.23.png