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    Adobe Digital Edition


      I have the latest version of Windows 10 and I'm trying to print my ADE document through the print to pdf function.  Print 2 PDF works fine with all other print sources that I have.  I can print from ADE fine.  However, when I print to pdf with ADE the document ends up with top and left margins in it (in turn clipping the right and bottom side of the document (all pages).  There are basically no settings on the print 2 pdf function and the ADE display is set to 1:1.  The publisher ended up sending me an ePDF to use instead of the ascm, but it still did the same thing, but wasn't as bad in the 1:1 setting.  The added margin I ended up with is about  1/2" on the top and left.  The only settings are paper size on print to pdf and I get the same problem on all of them.  The ADE print function calls the standard windows print dialog box when selected.


      Any ideas.


      Thanks in advance!