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    Calibrated monitor, after that Lightroom preview different then PS. Need help!

    sason50515634 Level 1

      OK, I will write this step by step and hopfully it will be simple to understand.

      Today I calibrated my monitor with x-rite i1 display pro. I did everything right and at the end I got this new profile, that I marked it with date, so I will know in the future, when it was made.


      After that, I went to my WIN 10 coior manegement and assign this new profile as Default (previously it was sRGB IEC61966-2.1). See image:


      And in Advanced options, I have this default settings:


      In Photoshop, I also changed Color settings to this new profile:



      Now, images in windows photo viewer and in Photoshop, they all look ok and the same. But in LR, previews are dull, no colors, different than in Photoshop.

      If I export image from LR to JPG and than upload to PS, image looks ok.


      How can I fix the look of the image in LR? I have sRGB chosen there. I guess it should be "this new profile" but in LR I can not find any Color settings like in PS.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Were my steps of calibrating process OK?


      Any help would be aprishiated.