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    Accordion widget not working on Windows phones.

    Marta2 Level 1

      Hi, I am currently developing a responsive site and using the accordion widget for mobile menus and also for some interactive text display. When testing the site the accordion widget worked perfectly in all devices except on my Windows 10 device (Microsoft Lumia 950XL) which I keep updated. The accordion opens and it instantly closes back, I can't get it to stay open. I started changing the settings to see how it behaves, and the one that made a difference was the can close all setting. When can close all is unchecked, the accordion works with no problem, except that it starts open on the screen and it is completely useless as a mobile menu. So, I set it back to can close all and discovered that if you double tap very, very quickly, the accordion then opens like it is supposed to. Any idea what could be causing this? Anyone with a windows phone having the same issue?