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    Keyboard shortcuts wtf?

    rezun8 Level 4

      So IMO one of the dumber mapped keyboard shortcuts Adobe placed in Animate is the 3D Rotation shortcut "H" which also amazingly coinsides with the Move Tool "H". So when I need to move the stage around and Hit "H" to do so if I dont then hit "H" a second time it will rotate the stage and if I move it even slightly the stage will stay rotated and cannot be undone. what a great idea adobe.

      So easy fix edit the keyboard shortcuts, ahh well even if unselected it keeps this default. No problem make a new profile - oh wait it still retains the shortcut. yes I have made the change, quit the program and re-started.

      SO now am I forced to go into program files and edit the shortcut this way??? why should I have to do such invasive editting. Seems to me there must be an easier way to remedy this.