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    Folders (Windows 10) containing DNGs can't be opened

    Robin Bartsch

      I found a similar thread (unresolved) here: Problems with DNG files generated by my Lightroom 6


      Essentially, when I try to open a folder containing DNGs using File Explorer on Windows 10, I get the flash of it trying to open and then POOF!, folder closes and the desktop refreshes itself.  I'm not sure if this is a Windows 10 specific problem (will have to confirm on a Windows 8 machine) or an Adobe (DNG) issue.


      Folders containing the proprietary camera files (Nikon NEF, Fuji RAF, etc.) open with no problems.  It's only folders that contain DNGs.  My typical workflow has been to "Copy and convert to DNG" in Lightroom.  I can see the files and work on them in LR, but can't open them -- "Show in folder" option results in the above POOF! 


      Has anyone found a fix for this?  I've seen all manner of "uninstall the codecs, then reinstall them" and "change the default screen resolution, restart, then change it back" solutions, but those haven't fixed the problem for me.


      Any help is appreciated. 


      WIndows 10

      LR CC 2015.7 (latest version)