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    Suddenly large pdfs & Indesign files

    Evil Lair Bear Level 1

      Within the past week I've noticed on two different projects now that the Indesign files & pdfs we normally create have ballooned in size for no apparent reason.


      The pdfs have gone from ~1.5MB to ~9.5MB using the same documents & settings. The files are setup as one linked Photoshop document and a few other text elements in Indesign. It didn't matter what export settings I would use the pdf would always be over 9MB and I narrowed it down to the linked psd file. If I created a new blank Indesign file and placed the psd, the pdf would still be over 9MB. I then created a new psd file and copied the contents over, and that fixed the issue.


      The Indesign files that are normally 5-7MB are now going 40-60MB. This is happening on two different systems, one using ID 15.3 and the other ID 15.4 (OS X 10.11 & 10.10 respectively). We haven't done any software updates of any kind recently, except for the one user who went to Indesign 15.4. If I had to guess the same issue that is affecting the pdfs is also causing the ID documents to be large since doing the usual Save As.. will bring the ID size back to normal. I had tried just deleting some extra content that wasn't visible in the ID document and the file size went up another 4MB.