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    Adobe Functionality, Edit PDF



      I'm currently running the free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro for editing of PDFs. In order to see whether the program actually does what I need it for, I have a few questions about a few things I so far was not very happy about:


      1.)     Is it possible to move entire text boxes, including their formatting and font properties to a different page of the PDF, or into a new PDF?

      2.)     Is it possible to merge text boxes of a scanned pdf? As it is all the different pieces of text are converted into individual boxes, but it would be much easier to edit and format if there was only a few, bigger ones.

      3.)     When editing text on a scanned document, the font type sometimes changes drastically. Now I know that not every font out there can be perfectly mirrored into such a program, but is there a way to get closer to it? A particular problem seems to be, that certain letters just are way out of place (really bold although in normal style, etc). If a font changes somewhat, that's fine, just it should be consistent through the different letters.

      4.)     Is there a way, short of moving all the text and graphics into a new pdf file, to remove the dirty photocopier background from a document, using Acrobat? You know, the grainy, greyish background that older documents have after having been photocopied on old machines?


      Thank you for every answer!