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    Why is Safari asking me to allow Adobe Flash Player for unexpected sites (e.g., MacRumors, PayPal)?


      Lately, I've been receiving the prompt, "Do you want to trust the website '[URL of website]' to use the 'Adobe Flash Player' plug-in" prompt from Safari for sites that don't appear to require it (e.g., MacRumors, PayPal).


      Whether I click "trust" or "not now" seems to make no difference in the functionality of the site.


      Can anyone explain what's going on, here?


      Is this a bug in Safari or Flash?


      Or is my computer likely infected with some sort of malware or virus? (I ran Malwarebytes; it didn't find anything. I'm running Norton Antivirus now; unless I post otherwise, you can assume it didn't find anything, either.)


      Or do sites like MacRumors and PayPal have legitimate uses for Adobe Flash Player?


      Note that I am using the latest versions of Safari (10.0), macOS (10.12), and Adobe Flash Player (, as verified and updated in the System Preferences Flash Player pane).


      See below for screenshots. Unfortunately, I don't recall what other sites have been giving me this prompt, offhand, but they include sites as reputable as MacRumors and PayPal.



      Screenshot 2016-10-13 10.59.12.png


      Screenshot 2016-10-13 11.12.32.png