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    CC -updated payment plan & no longer have access to previous invoices

    Emma Brooks Design

      Good evening.


      I updated my payment plan a couple of months ago, I've just gone to down load my invoices for Jan '15 - Dec' 15 for Tax /Accounts and it would appear because I've changed plans I can't access them.


      I was not made aware at the time that I would be unable to access my invoices.


      I did contact support


      - Thanuj 0219975335,



      Can anyone help?




      Copy of my support call is below


      Thank you for your patience.


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      You are now chatting with Thanuj.
      Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.



      7:28:17 PM



      Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.



      7:28:25 PM



      Hi Emma!



      7:28:35 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      Hi Thanuj



      7:30:06 PM



      I understand that you are unable to download the invoice, Is that correct?



      7:30:39 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      Yes, all invoices between February 2015 - January 2016



      7:31:48 PM



      I have checked and see that you have subscribed for Creative Cloud for individuals - All Apps + Adobe Stock (one-year) on 01/18/2013 under the email address ^^^^^^^^



      7:32:27 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      I have been paying monthly since that date



      7:32:45 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      yes that is the correct email address



      7:32:52 PM



      In this case, I will escalate the case to our relevant team to provide you the invoice. Our relevant team will contact you via email within 2 business days.



      7:33:13 PM

      Emma Brooks:





      7:33:33 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      I require 12 separate invoices



      7:33:52 PM



      I need to escalate the case, to provide you the 12 invoices.



      7:34:03 PM

      Emma Brooks:





      7:34:16 PM



      Is there anything else I can help you with?



      7:34:21 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      no thank you



      7:35:19 PM

      Emma Brooks:


      I don't understand why I cannot see my invoices - I recently updated my payment plan and now my invoices have disappeared.



      7:36:13 PM



      Since you have cancelled the old subscription and you will not be able to download the invoice



      7:36:53 PM



      Do you have any further questions for me today?



      7:38:00 PM



      Since we have not heard from you for some time, we will now end this chat.  Please click to chat with us again if we can be of further assistance.



      7:38:00 PM



      Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!






      I was disconnected whilst typing a response!!!!!


      Very poor service.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you pay by credit or debit card?  Get your credit card / bank statements showing the payment transactions. That's all you really need for taxes.


          Nancy O.

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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            While I agree, would have been nice if the OP could get her old invoices without having to jump through hoops or use valuable time.


            Not good service. But really silly that you update/change your subscription plan and poof all is gone.  I would suggest that updating a plan is not the same as canceling. Now if Adobe went back to emailing invoices then this would not have been an issue.


            Adobe billing practices leave a lot to be desired and that is an understatement!!

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You understand that we don't work for Adobe here.  This is a user-to-user forum.  I can't change Adobe's policy with regard to statements.


              I offered a suggestion based on personal experience.  Getting copies of credit card & bank statements is much less hoop jumping than most people think.  And besides, for tax purposes, most people already have them.

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                MikeKPhoto Level 2

                I understand you are not an Adobe employee and you made a personal, and workable suggestion. But my gripe is with Adobe and this really is the only forum where we can express displeasure and concerns.


                As a small business owner and unfortunately a business that has enjoyed the pleasure of tax audits, it is much easier and less time consuming to print your invoices for the year ready for review. Makes it easy for everyone to see your expenses. With a bank statement/cc statement you have to manually review and highlight the transactions in question- this is time consuming especially if there are many transactions in your statement. For me, I have to download my statements for each month (some banks have gone paperless and do not send out statements anymore) - very time consuming for myself and my accountant.  So while your suggestion works and maybe the only way the OP can gather the information needed. But if Adobe kept the invoices around - they are tied to your Adobe ID, then there would be no issue.


                By the way, Adobe may be out of compliance here with financial transactions which, for the US, need to be kept on file for the Statute of Limitations, which is seven years.


                So not knocking you at all as you have probably given the OP the only workable solution

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                  Emma Brooks Design Level 1

                  Thanks for all your contributions.


                  Yes I do understand that you don't work for the corporation. I was hoping someone may have experienced it too.


                  I am UK based and tax legislation is slightly different to the US/other countries. We do need proof ; as in the invoice/receipt.


                  I have managed to find the invoices, so this goes to show that the support desk need to update their knowledge base.


                  I went into purchase/products, it listed CC 2013 when I clicked through I found my complete invoices.



                  I appreciate everyone taking the effort to contribute to this thread.


                  Best wishes