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    Incorrect values in Lightroom Mobile


      When I start Lightroom Mobile from scratch on my Ipad, all values in Edit are correct and synced with CC on my laptop.
      Then I scroll to the next photo with Edit open and lots of values changes to completely incorrect values.
      For example: Exposure -5,00EV, Contrast -100, Highlights -100, Shadows -100, Whites -100, Blacks -100...

      It does not sync the incorrect values with laptop though, only show them.

      Then I close Lightroom Mobile and shut down my iPad. Restart all again, and all values are correct again.

      If I don't scroll between photos in Edit mode, instead use 'back' to library and choose a new photo. Then values remains correct.


      I would really like some help with this issue.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          these images that have this issue, do they come from Lightroom CC?

          Or does it also occur with images coming from the device?


          Do you know when this issue started occurring?
          E.g. did it start to occur after an Lightroom CC update?




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            Skojverket Level 1

            Hi Ibarrien,


            The images with this issue all come from CC.

            I don't have any problem with images from the device.


            I've been using my iPad Pro for a long time without issues like this and the first time i occured was two weeks ago.
            I keep my software on PC and apps on iPad updated all the time, but I really don't know if it occured after an update. I might have updated my PC without noticing the issue in a week or two.


            I don't have the issue with all images synced with CC, it is kind of random within one photoshoot from one date. No other shoot from any other date have any issue. A little strange indeed...


            Thanks for your help!