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    Help please: Rigging problem (Video example)

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      I am currently trying to build a character rig and I have run into a bit of a problem


      I have set up a lot of triggers and most of them are working fine, but randomly one of them are not. Whenever I trigger a specific action, it causes the eyes to disappear and I cannot figure out why. Here is a screen capture to hopefully better showcase my dilemma. It starts by showing a few that works fine and then it shows the one that does not and then the layers.


      If anyone can suggest any solutions, it would be hugely appreciated.


      Rig problem - YouTube






      I am having some trouble with lip syncs


      Some of my lip syncs work okay (the bored one) but the others do not, but they all seem to be set up exactly the same


      Mouth shapes.jpg


      I've also got cycles on each of the mouth shapes (see below sample). Should these work okay?


      Mouth shapes 2.jpg



      Here is a quick video run down of my layers if it makes it any easier to help