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    Adobe Content Management System - The Ultimate Guide


      Adobe brings us the new Adobe Content Management System that offers new and impressive features in the world of digital management, in this guide I have set a goal to give you a closer look on all of the tools and features that the Adobe CMS offers, and to help you in going through the system and achieving the perfect conditions for working with this great program.


      The program generally feels responsive and smooth, it has a really understanding and simplified employment of the UI which is why the program has such a snappy feel, without it having too much clutter. 


      There has been a lot of improvement, as some features have been made to work without any flaws, such as social sharing, video analytics, cloud-based encoding and dynamic renditions. There has been also a very noticeable improvement of the search engines that the program implements and a lot of improvement of the metadata. There is a new section named Project, which will help you to stay on track of the group together projects, your current tasks, files and all of the work done for a certain project.


      A lot of work has also been done and the experience on mobile devices has been greatly improved, now it gives you the opportunity to create and check on your forms and accessibility, which have also been combined with Adobe Analytics, as it allows you to integrate data and back-end processes, plus you are given the ability to reuse old forms and create your personal ones, through an interface which is brand new.


      Adobe Communities and Social have been upgraded, the developers have added translations which are global, added features of tagging content, improved moderation and you are able to send private messages, which allows for a marketer to comment across platforms and digital properties, and moderate content all from one single location.


      There is also a new approach named Sightly which has given the Sites a major boost, time has been boosted by up to 25% while it also gives you a much better overview and workflow between implementation, development, and design. All of this plus the extended integration with SEO recommendation, e-commerce solutions, and improved language copy and live copy is what makes Adobe CMS a great program.


      This content management system has made creating applications a walk in the park. It allows for an easy and fast process of building apps, through the new interface. Now, a developer can make an app and the app can be modified by someone else. This means that if you can make a website with Experience Manager, you can also make an app.


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