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    acompc is causing our build script to exit

      We are creating .bat file for part of our build system to build some flex components. We are executing the compilers that are included with FlexBuilder in our build script: compc, acompc, mxml, camxmlc

      The compc lines in the .bat file work fine:

      compc -source-path ..\source\PackageName\src\ -output ..\source\PackageName\bin\foo.swc -include-classes Class1 Class2

      However, the batch file exits after we use one of the AIR compilers:
      acompc -source-path ..\source\AIRPackage\src\ -output ..\source\AIRPackage\bin\FooAirLib.swc -include-classes AirFooClass

      The swc file builds fine, but no lines of code after the call to the AIR compiler are executed... the batch file simply exits. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or what we might be doing incorrectly? We have tried putting command to execute the AIR compiler in another batch file, and calling it from the main one. This also causes the main batch file to exit and does not fix the problem.