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    Exporting my file to PDF, error


      I am using indesign for my 62 page holiday catalog which I just finished. When I went to export it to PDF for print I am getting this error message. I am not sure if the file is corrupt because it has been acting buggy. I have it saved in both IDML and INDD and both files will not export it (which I need to have it print). Can anyone advise with screen shots? If someone is an expert I would be happy to have someone sign on to the screen and pay them for their time to fix it.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 6.13.59 PM.png

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          Bo LeBeau Level 4

          At the top of the InDesign forum page:



          ANNOUNCEMENT:URGENT NOTIFICATION: Beware of fraudulent support requests.

          We have received a number of reports where some members of this community are posing as Adobe Employees by offering to help troubleshoot issues personally using technologies such as Skype as a means to gain access to your computer and potentially your personal information.  All Adobe employees are required to have a red ‘STAFF’ badge below their profile picture, as well as an Adobe logo after their username. You can also see both the 'STAFF' badge and Adobe logo if you mouse-over their profile picture.


          When you make a statement like: "If someone is an expert I would be happy to have someone sign on to the screen and pay them for their time to fix it."  you are just asking for a world of hurt. Scammers who troll these forums would like nothing better than what you are begging them to do. And you want to pay them?? ! !

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There is probably a graphic (or possibly a font) in the document that it is keeping it from making a PDF successfully.


            Use the "divide and conquer" method: Export a PDF of the first half. Then export the second half. Probably one of the two failed, but other was successful. For the half that failed, make a PDF of the first half then the second half. By subsequently dividing the file, you'll find the problem page. Then try removing the graphics one-by-one until you see the problem. The graphic may have to be resaved in its originating application.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              Steve is spot on with the "divide and conquer" method.


              However you can try something different, if you like:

              1. You could use the "old" export method, that does not require a background task (CS4 and below). It requires a scripting functionality that is still available under the hood with the latest InDesign version. Several years ago I wrote a script, that is using this method and is still working with InDesign CC 2015.4.


              More on that here:

              Re: InDesign CS6 crashes during PDF export


              2. In case you are exporting to PDF/X-1a, you could try to print to PostScript and distill that PostScript file through Adobe Distiller that comes with Acrobat Pro / DC to PDF/X-1a. Just to see, if that will work in your case. That method requires the use of the ADPDF9.PPD file that should be installed to make it available to InDesign here:


              Applications/Adobe InDesign xxx/Presets/PPDs/ADPDF9.PPD


              Create the folder PPDs if it is not there. Name it exactly like suggested.


              You can download that PPD from my Dropbox account:

              Dropbox - ADPDF9.PPD.zip