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    Unable to delete multiple tags at once on Surface Pro

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      I just upgraded from DW CC 2014 to 2015, since 2014 is unusable on my Surface laptop. 2015 seems at least somewhat more usable, but it has something weird going on. In design view, if I select a block that contains multiple p's, div's or what have you, I can't delete them. I can only delete one at a time. If I go to code view, the delete and backspace keys do nothing. There's an outline view where I can delete 2-3 tags at once, but I'm afraid to delete more than that, since there's no way to be completely sure which tags are selected. What gives?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the feedback. I haven't heard of anything similar, but I suggest that you log your bug request with the team using the wishlist form. Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Meanwhile, I hope that someone with a Surface Pro on this forum can test this workflow and let us know.




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            Amy Blankenship Level 4

            I don't really think it's related to the Surface Pro. I thought I was in Design View, but it seems there's a new view called "Live" view.


            It seems like when you select a tag, you can only meaningfully select one--it gets a colored box around it and then there's a little tab that seems to take the place of the properties panel. I'm thinking maybe someone made a decision that they would rather have back the screen real estate of the properties panel and they sacrificed the ability to delete multiple tags to get it.


            So I actually think this is a feature, not a bug. I just don't seem to be able to figure out how to turn it off to get back to a usable workflow.


            I do think the inability to delete multiple tags in code view is a bug related to the fact that Dreamweaver seems to have serious issues with accurately placing the cursor and selecting text. This may or may not be related to the fact I'm running on a Surface.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Previous versions have had Live View for quite a while, basically a mostly-there browser to preview your work in, but the last few versions have been given an editor in that interface. While useful, it's not as robust as the Design View editor and is missing quite a few features. Each new release has added more editing functionality to the LVE, but it's still not there yet.


              Design View can be accessed by hitting the small arrow next to the Code | Split | Live buttons in the Document Toolbar and selecting Design from the 2 choice drop menu.

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                Amy Blankenship Level 4

                Yes, but you still can't delete multiple tags there.