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    Dual Screen, Projector and Laptop?

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      Our camera club want to project digital versions of images during PRINT competitions while the judge is commenting on the physical print.  This will allow people in the back of the room to see the image being discussed.  Can this be done using the dual screen feature of LR?


      My vision is that while image A is being shown full screen through a projector (HDMI Connection to a laptop), the laptop screen would have the grid displayed so I look to see which is the next image in the stack of prints and can find it in the grid and be ready to click on it when it is put on the light stand.


      Is this possible.  If so, can I get some "how to" help and any gotcha tips?


      Thanks -- Dan

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes this works and works just fine. You can test this first by simply attaching two monitors to your machine. Just enable the secondary display and set it to display loupe view/fit. Now clicking around in the grid view will make the image that you clicked appear on the secondary monitor/projector.