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    text wrap error


      Hi all, I am a frequent user of InDesign but do not have formal training. Posting in hopes that someone has seen this before and knows what is happening.


      The image below is a large format design with a color screened texture image (on the master sheet) with a text box applied across it containing 1,059 WWI Veteran names. The concept is to insert text and photos to feature some of these veterans. As I insert text boxes I am getting the shown error in the text wrap. The error shows up as the fifth object from the left is added. What is really weird is that the lines of text start filling in at random as I nudge the 5th object left to right as seen in the second image attached below.


      I can also confirm that it is indeed pushing the text out like a wrap setting would as the text is visibly pushed down.


      I have tried replacing all text blocks with placeholders (rectangle frame tool) and images to no avail. I have checked all settings I know of and everything seems to be in place. After the issue popped up, I did install all updates. Windows is also up to date and the computer has been restarted.


      system specs - all hardware running in parameters

      HP Z230 SFF Workstation

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel i7-4790 3.6ghz

      8GB RAM


      Recently migrated to CS6 Master Suite, no other versions have ever been installed on this machine.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Have you run the updater to get the latest bug patch for your version of CS6 (what is available depends on if you have a perpetual or subscription license)?


          Have you tried running this through IDML? See Remove minor corruption by exporting

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            DJPMoeckly Level 1

            Yes I have applied all updates to both CS6 and MS Windows. I will be checking again this morning.


            We purchased CS6, so I assuming that means perpetual license.


            Regarding the IDML: the post suggests a solution "if all your files are doing strange things, see Replace, or "trash" your InDesign preferences" I have about 5 active projects in the system, this is the only one acting badly. I will however work through this potential solution in search of satisfaction.


            Public, please continue to suggest in the meantime. Thank you!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Right, I suggested IDML rather than trashing the prefs because your problem is not widespread, suggesting a file problem.

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                DJPMoeckly Level 1

                Attempted both solutions in the thread, when I opened the indd the issue was still present. I did like that by renaming I was able to revert to my configured work space by restoring the file names... well thought out post!


                I have also recreated the project in a brand new file replacing all elements with newly created ones to assure that I did not have a whoops-click moment. New product has exact same behavior.


                So, no joy yet.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  OK, it doesn't sound like you actually followed the instructions in the link, which were to export the file to IDML, open that, and save as a new .indd with a new name.

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                    DJPMoeckly Level 1

                    Sorry I did not get back to you all straight away. Had a grant deadline and learned about the project need with only 48 hours notice. Got a great application off though.


                    I did follow the export procedure. Exported to idml, closed ID, restarted ID, opened the idml file in ID, saved as indd (with new file name), created an object, set text wrap to 0.25", made 4 additional copies, lined them up, slid them up... 5th object knocked out all text to its right.


                    Objects with no text wrap do not cause any issues. I spent some time experimenting, switching the wrap on and off on various objects and the error seems to only occur after the fifth (and all subsequent L-R) object with a text wrap setting. The "knocked out" area follows the vertical dimensions of the 5th text wrapped object.


                    So, no joy.


                    I did also try creating an ENTIRELY NEW project with the same parameters, background image, text, font, etc. Nothing was copied in from the old project... it was all set-up fresh... and the error occurred in the new project as well.


                    TWE IDML.PNGTWE.PNGTWE2.PNG

                    You can see on left object 6 with no wrap, followed by object 7 (the 5th with wrap settings) I experimented with what happened if I reduced the wrap setting, object 8 on right also has a wrap setting on.




                    These are objects 7 & 8, the fifth and sixth object from the left with text wrap settings applied. You can see that I shrunk the wrap of object 8 to significantly smaller than 7 and it did not affect the size of the knocked out area to the right. I thought this was interesting.

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                      DJPMoeckly Level 1

                      Perhaps these results will be of interest. Variance of the vertical alignment of the wrap positive objects effects this error.


                      All objects in the project are the same size and all have 0.25" Wrap around Bounding Box setting applied. Note how the size and location of the "knocked out" area changes.TW1.PNGTW2.PNGTW3.PNGTW4.PNG

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        This is starting to look like a bug, which means it won't get fixed for CS6. I am able to reproduce it in CS6 and CC2015, which is even stronger evidence of being a bug.


                        It doesn't seem to matter if you use bounding box or object shape, nor if the text is on the same or lower layer, locked or unlocked, and I don't see any workaround other than to make a grid of text frames so there are no more than four wrapped images per frame, and that probably is not going to work with the name order.

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                          DJPMoeckly Level 1

                          Well at least I know that I did not make a mistake.


                          If I understand what you are telling me, that even if it is a proven bug, there will be no patch or support for the bug, period?

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            Bugs are only fixed for current versions, and you said you use CS6, which has not been current for some time and will not get fixed. If you were to update to Creative Cloud and report the bug (you can report it anyway, as it still exists in CC 2015: Feature Request/Bug Report Form) it might get fixed in the next release, or the one after that, or... so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.


                            I know that isn't what you want to hear.

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                              DJPMoeckly Level 1

                              Well thanks, and yup, definitely not what I want to hear.


                              I work with small not-for-profits and we bought 3 copies of this Mastersuite CS6 hoping to use it as long as we used CS4.

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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                For what it's worth, I still do most of my production work in CS6, or even CS5, because they are, in my opinion, more stable than the CC versions and there have been no substantive changes in CC for those of us who design for print. If I were to move into ePub, on the other hand, I would bite the bullet.