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    Unwanted white space scrolling in browser.




      This is a topic I've seen posted repeatedly, however I'm unable to find a solution to fix what I'm aiming to achieve.


      When testing my site in browser, scrolling up, or to the end of the page works fine, however, if I scroll past the bottom of the page, an extra white browser fill drags along with the scrolling. I'd hoped sticky footer being unchecked would turn this off (it seems to be a solution for what Ive been searching for, but still, I can't seem to define my problem as I'm unsure of how to word it exactly!)


      Is it possible to simply lock my content in place so that I can't scroll past the bottom of my page or above it?


      See below images. Ideally, I want to stop scrolling at the bottom of the page, or if I can't stop this, for it to continue in the green colour.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 01.47.40.png