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    Hyphenation problems with accented letters


      I've got a document in Latin and have installed the OpenOffice/Hunspell dictionaries. The problem is that it's not hyphenating words correctly if they have accents in them, or ligatures like æ or œ, or the long s (ſ). It seems to occur if the hyphen would go after the accent, or at least in the syllable preceding the hyphen, in which case it'll put a following consonant with it, for example, it's giving quón-iam instead of the correct quó-niam. If I change it to an unaccented o, it hyphenates correctly. Is there a way to edit the file, or the .aff file, to tell it to treat accented letters the same as unaccented ones, or other patterns I can add to the hyphenation dictionary (although I'm not sure exactly what the patterns mean)?


      Any help would be much appreciated, as it's a rather long document and having to manually check everything gets very tedious.