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    Nikon D810 Tethering Issue


      I've used my Nikon D810 and Lightroom for tethering almost daily for over a year. Last week, it was working on location, began to get unstable, and then just dropped out completely. When I start a session now, it will not recognize my camera and the camera's shutter release doesn't function. Oddly, after pressing the shutter, when I unplug the USB cable, the shutter fires, as if the signal is getting hung-up somewhere.


      This also happens with Capture One, so I know it's not solely a LR issue. I am also sure that it's not the camera's USB port, since I can use my CamRanger just fine in lieu of tethering.


      IS anyone else seeing this?? Any hints?? I saw one other Canon-based conversation that found it was only a certain lens, but nothing works anymore on my camera and I NEED to tether, and really don't want to buy a third software option from Nikon!!


      I'm running:

      OSX 10.10.5 on a MacBook Pro Retina

      2.3 GHz Intel i7

      16GB RAM

      I'm about to update to Sierra, against my better judgement.

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          vertizonphoto1 Level 1

          And yes - I have the latest updates in firmware and software. Also tried tethering to my iMac - same results. Even updated to Sierra on the MBP - still nothing.


          Thanks in advanace for any thoughts.

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            ndross475 Level 1

            I have a Nikon D750, having very similar issues. After a call to LR tech support. The agent suggested I "google" know issues. You will see that there are issues with Sierra and LR tethering Nikon / Canon / Leica.  The article suggests that updating to the latest version of CC will correct the problem, however with me I am using latest firmware / software versions of  Nikon / OS X / LR. So who knows.


            My solution is it has motivated me once and for all to download Capture One.  There is a reason it is the No. 1 software of Pros, I just didn't want to have to deal with another work-flow component.



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              vertizonphoto1 Level 1

              Yeah, but, the only problem with that solution is that Capture One does the same thing. So this is a mac/Nikon thing I believe. Just hoping someone out there has a solution.


              And i **LOVE** that tech support told you to google it. FTW.