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    Photos in Lightroom 4 Develop Module are low quality/splotchy


      This JUST started to happen to me...


      Anyways photos in Lightroom 4 in the develop module are looking grainy/splotchy/and look like low quality. This tends to effect just the shadows.

      In the preview module and in other programs the photos look just fine. I also shoot in RAW and I have never had this happen to me.

      I also just recently upgraded my software on my Macbook to the Sierra if that helps.


      Below is what the photo looks like in LR (in the develop module)...notice how the trees look splotchy and low quality.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 12.51.07 AM.png


      Below is the same photo, exported to Photoshop (looked normal in the program, too).