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    Changing the size of an element in a static shot, when a figure is moving around.


      Hi everyone,

      I am making a short film, and I need some help with one of my shots. Attached I have three different images. One is the original with the poster not resized, the next is the resized version, and then there's one where I'm in front of the poster. My query is how to keep the poster resized while allowing my figure to move around the frame. It seems like it may be very simple but I have no experience in after effects at all.

      Important notes:

      • This is shot on a tripod - I assumed it would be easier to edit this part if tripodded.
      • I have the shot running for a while before I enter it for the same reason.
      • The shot where I'm in it is for about 2-3 seconds

      As for how I resized the poster, I made another layer, cropped everything but the poster and made it larger (in Premiere)

      Thanks in advance.


      Original Shot.jpgEdited.jpgFigure.jpg