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    Error message for SFDC Sandbox  :Ooops EchoSign OAuth Error: access_denied : Your product edition does not support account scopes

    fredericgeof Level 1

      I face this issue also, when signing up via eSign Wizard on a SFDC sandbox. I want to make it works as part of eSign Trial.


      The situation is that :


      - On SFDC my login on sandbox ends by Sandbox name > i.e Sandboxname=PP then my login is "x@y.com.PP"


      - My adobe login end by .com so x@y.com



      Technically I cannot have adobe login = SFDC sandbox login



      Then what is the workaround have a trial of eSgin on a SFDC sandbox ?



      I'm admin on PROD and Sandbox so not a problem a privilege.


      Is there a Support agent here who can help ? as other post about this issue is not resolved.