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    Onion Skin Not working with Jpg

    Alexasmodernlife Level 1



      I'm using many images in a sequence to create a stop motion animation. I am using the onion skin to try to line up my frames. I am doing this within a graphic symbol.

      My onion skin isnt working though! It does not show me the previous frames, only the future frames- is this because they are solid jpegs? If i toggle the onion skin to just show the past frames- it only shows the frame I am currently viewing, so no onion skinning and none of the frames that the toggle is over. If I toggle ahead and behind it makes my jpeg completely green - not just overlaying the frames as it used to in flash. I cannot actually see the layering of the jpegs in order to adjust them due to this bright green covering the entire image.


      I have tried using the outlining onion skin- which hasn't worked, I'm guessing because it is a 1920 x 1080 jpeg im using. Ive tried multiple frames button and this does not work either.


      What the heck is going on???

      Please help!!