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    Deskewing (only) in Professional XI


      Hi all,


      I refer to my previous post Deskewing scanned pdf with Professional XI which was closed with the news that in future versions there would be the option to deskew only, without any other optimization, to keep the original as is.


      I am monitoring the release notes but, if I am not wrong, this feature has not been implemented yet and I have now 11.0.17


      Please let me know if it is still planned and when I can expect it.


      Thank you in advance for your reply



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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Your original question was not closed - you can still post in the thread. Somebody selected an answer as the "correct" answer - this may have been you, but it could also be that Adobe staff did that.


          All the staff person promised was to submit a feature request - that does not mean that there is actually a plan to implement this feature. All feature requests are analyzed and prioritized (and sometimes closed without an action), but there is no promise that such a feature will eventually get implemented.


          You may want to take a look at your scanner software (the one that came with your scanner) to see if that has a way to deskew scans. You could then scan to an image format (e.g. 600dpi TIFF images), and import these TIFF images into Acrobat and then perform all the enhancements that would have been done when scanning directly into Acrobat as a second step.

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            ilcreazionista Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            I guess the implementation would be really simple, the routine is already available, all what is needed is a button and the link.

            It would be really a serious improvement, at least for me.


            My scanner does not deskew, unfortunately; moreover doing TIFF for hundreds of pages is not friendly, I scan for backups and I can not work hours for that.


            Best regards

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              You can certainly file a feature request with Adobe - the more requests they receive for a certain feature, the more likely is probably is that it will get implemented. You can file such a request here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                ilcreazionista Level 1

                Done. Is there any way to know if the old request has been rejected? And also the new request, is it traceable?

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                  ilcreazionista Level 1



                  it is now 7 months since I made this very simple request, to add a checkbox [Deskew only] in the scan optimization menu. This is a 5 minutes work since everything is already implemented. I would be able to do it myself if I had the source code.

                  I have received contradictory feedback, and no feedbback to the suggested feature request.


                  It is clear that Adobe customer care is nihil.


                  At this point I will wait the release XI.0.19, if it is not implemented I will have to switch to another tool.


                  Needless to say the switch will be for the eternity.


                  Bye and happy new year



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                    Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                    You should understand very clearly that Acrobat Pro XI is an old product, replaced now by Acrobat Pro DC. For about 9 months more Adobe will issue critical bug fixes (mainly security patches) for Acrobat XI then even these will finish. Adobe may react to your feature suggestion in Acrobat DC or a later product but never in old product. Because the reason to add new features is to generate upgrade revenue. So there is no use checking or waiting for 11.0.20 or whatever.