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    Animation freezes, sound continues in swf

      I am on CS3-Flash9.0 / Macbook Pro / OSX 10.5.6 and going crazy here, so help appreciated.

      I've got a movie with about 20 scenes. Back when I had about 16 scenes, there was no trouble at all, but now, when I do a "test movie" or export to quicktime I am finding the animation freezing right around 9min 30 sec in. The sound keeps going, but no more animation. I have tried saving various versions of the file with scenes omitted and it doesn't seem to matter what I do, it always dies at 9min 30 sec. So I can't localize the problem.

      Each scene has an audio track in one or two layers. ALL audio is set to STREAM. I double/triple checked that!
      There is NO action script. No stop() actions, nothing.

      I have also noticed that when I export to quicktime it freezes if I set it to stop on the last frame. But if I specify a time like 00:10:28, the export completes, but with the same problem mentioned above.

      I was able to find a couple mentions of this problem via google, but no resolutions.

      Ideas anyone?