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    Please Help with Auto Importing


      For no apparent reason LR is now auto importing any photo I try to open on my computer or any photo I open from a email. I have had LR for years and have not changed any setting. I cannot figure it out whats going on. I have checked all preferences and researched other threads regarding auto importing and only found information on auto importing from cameras, thumb drives, hard drives etc. I am using windows and have turned off all auto features or preferred programs from the control panel. When I try to open any photo found on my computer LR imports it to LR without giving me an option. This never happened for years and now I can't get it to stop. Any advice I would greatly appreciate!

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean by Auto Import. If LR is closed does it start up and then open the Import dialog window?


          Sounds like something, some one, changed the Default program for handling image files to LR instead of the Windows default which is Windows Photo Viewer.


          Go into the Default Program section in control panel, or I guess on win 10 Settings, and look for Default Programs. Open it then the Set your default programs and change the image handling program back to Windows Photo Viewer. you would do that for JPG, jpeg, jpe, dip, jfif and png files.

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            jime50216926 Level 1

            Just Shoot Me - Thank you so much, Changing the default program and setting it to Windows Photo Viewer fixed the problem.  It was driving me crazy, I really appreciate you responding!