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    Why is setInterval accelerating?

    rlc5611 Level 1
      I am stuck. I only have one interval running. I have slowed it down to 5 seconds for tracing but after the first few iterations, it accelerates. It acts like I'm setting the interval multiple times without clearing it or that the interval is overlapping itself. The offending script is between lines 172 and 192. I've tried this in both Flash 8 and Flash 9 with the same result. What am I missing?
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          clbeech Level 3
          just a guess here rlc - but could it be that this code is in the first frame, with more than one frame in the timeline, and there's no 'stop()' ? :/

          maybe try the setInterval dec with a 'var' on the front end (although this shouldn't hurt anything)

          perhaps remove the update after event

          just thoughts :)